Any fool can know. The point is to understand.

Albert Einstein

There’s few things as engaging as enthusiasm. Sharing a passion, a thrill or a nerdy little secret is never a risk when you’re excited. Peaks of Interest was born out of this insight.

During this light-hearted evening four speakers will present, perform and entertain on topics that have recently consumed their interest, outside of their profession: artificial intelligence, the construct of humour, multiple personalities, the Illuminati, a great cheese — the possibilities are unlimited, as long as the subjects spark debate and get our minds working!

Our goal is to send shivers of intrigue racing down your spine and our KPIs are measured in "A-HA" moments/minute. This isn't a university lecture — there will be drinks at the bar and time for your contributions, inputs and questions. Best of all you'll be sitting with an intimate, hand-selected group of interesting and interested people whose company we promise you'll enjoy.

Peaks of Interest had its pioneering edition in May 2013. It was on the theme of "Man and Machine" and included:

  • Riva-Melissa Tez (founder of the Berlin Singularity Group) who spoke on "the new era of technology";
  • Júlio Santos (software engineer) who provided a thought-provoking presentation on Artificial Intelligence. He enlightened us on a future in which man and machine will happily enjoy intelligence together.
  • Frederik Eichelbaum (musician, psychologist and futurist) and Jack Kinsella (lawyer turned coder, "My code is fully tested, your Honour") brightened our evenings with Randy Random, a performance on Machine Comedy.

Second Edition

  • Stef Jakobi presented "A human is a human is a robot - The role of artificial beings in literature"
  • Lukas N.P. Egger asked "Why Philosophy Is Useless!"
  • and Frederik Eichelbaum shared some "Truisms about Branding"

Third Edition

Fourth Edition

  • Arthur Taylor: Could Debt Be The Unexpected Origin Of Money?
  • Marina Goncalves: The Concept Of "Home" In (Science-)Fiction
  • Miho Tanaka: Why I Love Hacking Augmented Reality

Fifth Edition

  • Martti Mela and Perttu Raitilaien: Future of Urban Cycling and their Radbahn project
  • Helena Santos and Sofia Vaz: The amazing world of Epigenetics!
  • Adam Fletcher: The Shit Birds of New Zealand